Utilizing Air to Amplify Light in Hollow-Core

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“The thought had been circumventing my head for around 15 years, however I never had the opportunity or the assets to do anything about it.” But presently Luc Thévenaz, the top of the Fiber Optics Group in EPFL’s School of Engineering, has at long last gotten it going: his lab has fostered an innovation to intensify light inside the most

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Know More About Food for Fitness

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There’s a lot of confusion surrounding food intake and exercise – is it better to eat beforehand or afterwards? And what type of exercise benefits most from eating? Eating before exercising is important for preparing to and recovering from exercise, especially in athletic competitions. Food contains potential energy or fuel that helps muscles continue to contract during exercise, especially exercise

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Why do my muscles ache the day after exercise?

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It’s normal to experience muscle pain after exercising if it’s been a while since you were active or performed a certain movement. This type of pain – called delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS – generally develops several hours later and exacerbates over the next few days. The exercise that induces DOMS consists of eccentric (lengthening) muscle contractions in which

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